Receive a reading from a professional Astrologer and metaphysical teacher who is certified by the American Federation of Astrologers. As an introductory reading the charge will be only $120 for a 1 1/2 hour of consultation.

While talking to Louise the reading will be taped. The tape will then be mailed to you with a copy of your chart. This will enable you to re-listen to your reading.

Do you have questions that need answers? Do you want to know when that special person will appear? Do you have relationships that need understanding? Do you need to pick a date for an important event? Are there health matters that need to be looked at?

Are you in the right occupation? Are you living in the right place to take advantage of your talents? Do you want to increase your understanding about your life and why your soul decided to incarnate into this life?

Your astrological chart will be calculated for your birth date, time and location and will then be progressed to your current age. To this the transits (planets in the heavens) will be added. This allows one to see what the current trends are. At the end of the Astrological reading you will receive a Tarot card reading at no additional charge.