I have been an astrologer for over twenty-five years and during that time I experienced the time consuming process of setting up the astrological chart by hand. Although this takes time, it also gives the astrologer knowledge which is invaluable, as well as, while in the process of setting up the chart one is also interpreting the chart. However today we are living in the age of the computer, which has provided us the ability to produce outstanding and extremely accurate charts.

I have used a variety of programs in the past and have come to the conclusion that Astrolabe’s Solar Fire program for astrology is the most complete, user friendly, accurate and attractive program that I have used. The ACS atlas when used along with Solar Fire takes out the tedious process of looking up the latitude and longitude and time change for each chart. I have recommended this software to my students.

Solar Maps is also used with Solar Fire and allows one to view a chart spread out across the world. One can choose the right location to live in or travel to and can also view the eclipses and see where they will be seen. Astrolabe’s reputation and organization stand behind its programs. You will also enjoy JigSaw.