Professional Member and certified by the American Federation of Astrologers (A.F.A.) and Florida’s contact 727-723-0120.

Member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (N.C.G.R.).

Practicing Astrologer for over 25 years. Louise is a professional astrologer with clients throughout the United States and other countries. She practices Astrology full time, counseling, teaching, writing and lecturing. Louise has taught astrology in the school system and is currently teaching an accredited course on Astrology at the Temple of the Living God, in St. Petersburg Florida. Many of her students have become certified astrologers.

She is a gifted teacher of other metaphysical subjects including Dream analyses, The Kabalah, Numerology and The Tarot. She is known as the teacher’s teacher.

Louise has written numerous articles for local newspapers and television guides and is always called upon to write the New Year forecasts. She is the astrological speaker for Future Views every January at the Temple of the Living God. Louise lecturers for the A.F.A. at their conventions and has taught weekend workshops for the N.C.G.R. She is also called upon to be the speaker at banquets for numerous organizations as well as lecturer on cruise ships.

In the past she has had her own astrology radio program and owned a retail store called the House of Zodiac. An agent of Merrill Lynch invited Louise to be on radio with them to compare the astrological methods of forecasting the economy with their techniques.